The West Coast of Vancouver Island is well known for it’s diversity of underwater life and some of the most incredible scuba diving in BC can be done in the protected waters of Quatsino Sound.

Quatsino Sound consists of several inlets, Holberg, Neroutsos and Rupert. One of the most well-known features within Quatsino Sound is Quatsino Narrows, a set of tidal rapids that form the entrance to Holberg and Rupert Inlets Narrows with fantastic topography, loads of invertebrate life and nooks and crannies and caves and cracks packed with anemones and fish.

Quatsino is also rich in native history.

There are dive outfitters on the North Island that provide dive charters, equipment sales and rental and tank-fills (air and nitrox). There are also training center for scuba diving and advanced courses.

Village of Port Alice
Diving in Neroutsos Inlet


Port Alice is an ideal launching point for single or multi-day kayaking trips. The protected waters of Neurosis Inlet offer an abundance of wildlife viewing, including whales, sea lions, sea otters, eagles and much more

For those interested in a multi-day adventure, a variety of marine and land-based exploring can be done at Brookes Peninsula, a British Columbia Provincial Parks that is made up of more than 50,000 hectares of old-growth temperate rain forest surrounded of three sides by Pacific coastal shoreline.

Village of Port Alice
The Neroutsos Inlet offers a beautiful spot for kayaking, as our senior’s group found out during their first kayaking lesson

Kayaking on Northern Vancouver Island – YouTube Video


For caving near Port Alice, try Devil’s Bath, Canada’s only Ceynote, a gigantic rock bowl continuously filled by an underground spring. It connects to the Benson River Cave via an underwater tunnel.

Follow on to the beautiful Eternal Fountain. Then slip behind this waterfall to discover subterranean falls and passages sculpted in dramatic red rock.

Beware slippery surfaces throughout!

Alice Lake Loop Tour Information

Port Alice Caving
Devil’s Bath


Though locals do not like to admit it, Port Alice is a salt & freshwater angler’s dream! Whether on the ocean, lake or river, fish in our region are famous for their size and the battle they provide the angler.

For saltwater anglers, salmon, halibut, cod, and red snapper are just some of the fin fished that are plentiful in local waters. Prawns, crabs, clams, oysters, and mussels are also abundant.

Public launching facilities in the centre of town make accessing the water easy. For those seeking a chartered experience, Port Alice is home to several guides with decades of experience in the local waters and know where all the “secret spots” are!

For the freshwater fisherman, numerous species of trout can be lured from the depths of both Alice and Victoria Lakes. A concrete boat launch is accessible at Alice Lake, whereas Victoria Lake offers an informal, gradual beach launch. Both lakes are frequently fished from shore and by belly boat.

The North Island offers some of the best steelhead fishing on all of Vancouver Island. Be sure to check local regulations.

Fishing Regulations

For sport fishing regulations in and around Port Alice, check the latest regulations for Area 27 (Quatsino, Lawn Point, Topknot Point) and Area 127, 126 and 125 (offshore from Winter Harbour) at the Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s website (see link at right).


Port Alice is surrounded by rugged wilderness and tidal and non-tidal waters that are home to a wide variety of wildlife and marine mammals. This includes deer, black bears, cougars, eagles, sea otters, orca whales, grey whales, and Stellar sea lions.

Port Alice Wildlife
Sea lions enjoying Port Alice

Chum, Coho and Chinook salmon can be seen frolicking in Neroutsos Inlet during peak run times. The salmon may be observed in Colonial Creek and Cayeaghle Creek at peak spawning periods usually in October.

Port Alice also offers a wide variety of birds. Eagles are a favourite part of our community and the chance to watch them fishing and hunting is amazing, to say the least.

When visiting these areas please remember that you are visiting wild creatures in their home. Leave their homes clean, and keep your pets under control on a leash at all times. Please read about bear and cougar safety in the links at right.


Port Alice Golf & Country Club is a very challenging 9-hole municipal golf course located at the south end of Port Alice at the end of Marine Drive. The course features a selection of small creeks, very tight greens and some ponds intermixed through the trees.

There is also a clubhouse where golfers can gather after a round for snacks and beverages. Call for more information: (250) 284-3213 or email:

Golfing with a view