Welcome to Port Alice


The forest industry remains the economic mainstay of Port Alice. Today Neucel Specialty Cellulose Ltd., with a workforce of more than 400, produces high value cellulose that’s exported to a global market for use in the manufacture of synthetic fibres, plastic materials, lacquers and other specialty products. Western Forest Products employs locals at its busy dry-land log sort on the shores of the inlet.

While logging and milling dominate the local economy, the entrepreneurial spirit is also alive and well in Port Alice; a small business community supporting the local forest sector thrives alongside retail outlets, contractors, and tourism operators featuring several lodges, B & Bs, restaurants, hotels and boat charters.

Port Alice has plenty of room for well-planned development. Designated green space surrounds the existing residential area, as well as large amounts of land within the municipal boundary zoned for comprehensive development, commercial and residential.

Though it feels like it’s on the edge of wilderness, Port Alice is a close knit, safe and comfortable community for families providing a full range of services for residents and visitors. It is easily accessible by car, truck, floatplane and boat. Highway 30 links the town to the North Island Highway just 30 kilometres away, with the nearest airport located in Port Hardy 50 kilometres to the northeast and the closest major urban centre in Campbell River 250 kilometres to the south.

Housing is relatively affordable, with the average price of a single family home ranging between $150,000 and $200,000, and two-bedroom apartments or townhouses renting for approximately $650 per month.

The climate is typical of the Pacific Northwest with moderate temperatures, averaging 14 C in the summer, and significant amounts of precipitation.

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