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Economic Development

Economic Development

A new ‘Port of Potential’¬†economic development strategy was completed in early 2016, to help diversify and support the local economy and services.

Council is currently prioritizing and completing action plans  .

Final Report: Port of Potential Strategy РJanuary 2016

Workshop Report December 14, 2015
Strategy Presentation, December 14, 2015

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Community Open House Workshop Report Sept 29 2015

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Summary of Past Plans and Actions

2010 Official Community Plan – Update

2006 Economic Transition Plan – Update


Official Community Plan 2010

The Village of Port Alice is committed to ensuring the community is healthy, viable and sustainable for the future.

A key planning tool to this end is the Village’s Official Community Plan. The primary purpose of the OCP is to provide the Village with a comprehensive long range framework to guide, monitor and evaluate future land uses and community development decisions. An OCP is a general statement of the broad objectives and policies of the local government, a statement of the community’s goals, objectives and policies with respect to existing and proposed land use, and forms the basis for regulatory bylaws.

A second purpose of the Plan is to ensure that adequate land is available to accommodate anticipated and desirable development within the planning area. This requires that certain assumptions be made about what is “anticipated” and what is “desirable”. Some of these assumptions are based on professional calculations, such as population growth projections, water system capacity, land availability, etc. Others are more subjective, relating to less tangible matters, such as community values, aspirations, and level of confidence in economic and social sustainability.

The goals, objectives and policies outlined in the OCP are intended to provide insight and guidelines to Village staff, Village council, residents, property owners, investors, the development industry and regulatory agencies with respect to land use, servicing requirements, development, redevelopment and future plans.