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Municipal governments within Canada serve two primary functions. First, they act as a political mechanism through which local communities can express their collective objectives. The municipality is seen as an extension of the community, representing local views and concerns, which seeks to represent local sentiments in the decision making process. Second, local government provides a variety of services and programs to local residents.

Within British Columbia, municipal governments serve a wide variety of functions in their respective communities and surrounding areas. These include the provision of policing, transportation, environmental, social and health, as well as recreational and cultural services. They also play a fundamental role in the provision of public education. All these services are looked after by an extensive network of elected and appointed officials in a vast array of departments and commissions, each with its own specific responsibilities.

How Local Government Works

In British Columbia, local government is considered the most accessible level of government:

  • Local citizens are elected by the community to serve on the Council or Board;
  • All meetings are open to the public and public can speak directly to the Council or Board;
  • Citizens participate directly by volunteering on committees or commissions.

The citizens of the Village of Port Alice became a municipality in 1965 and upon incorporation elected their first Mayor and Council. This first Council began the ongoing task of establishing bylaws and policies for the planning for the community’s future and for the provision of services.

Local government is a community effort! For more information, see Local Government in BC: A Community Effort (PDF).

Port Alice Village Office, 1061 Marine Drive
Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m.


In case of Emergency call 250-949-1228