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Scuba Diving

The West Coast of Vancouver Island is well known for it’s diversity of underwater life and some of the most incredible scuba diving in BC can be done in the protected waters of Quatsino Sound.

Quatsino Sound consists of several inlets, Holberg, Neroutsos and Rupert. One of the most well-known features within Quatsino Sound is Quatsino Narrows, a set of tidal rapids that form the entrance to Holberg and Rupert Inlets Narrows with fantastic topography, loads of invertebrate life and nooks and crannies and caves and cracks packed with anemones and fish.

Quatsino is also rich in native history.

There are dive outfitters on the North Island that provide dive charters, equipment sales and rental and tank-fills (air and nitrox). There are also training center for scuba diving and advanced courses.

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Diving in Neroutsos Inlet