Welcome to Port Alice

Wildlife Viewing

Port Alice is surrounded by rugged wilderness and tidal and non-tidal waters that are home to a wide variety of wildlife and marine mammals. This includes deer, black bears, cougars, eagles, sea otters, orca whales, grey whales and Stellar sea lions.

Port Alice Wildlife

Chum, Coho and Chinook salmon can be seen frolicking in Neroutsos Inlet during peak run times. The salmon may be observed in Colonial Creek and Cayeaghle Creek at peak spawning periods usually in October.

Port Alice also offers a wide variety of birds. Eagles are a favourite part of our community and the chance to watch them fishing and hunting is amazing, to say the least. A full list of local birds is available in the link at right.

When visiting these areas please remember that you are visiting wild creatures in their home. Leave their homes clean, and keep your pets under control on a leash at all times. Please read about bear and cougar safety in the links at right.

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