Council & Departments

Village Council

A municipality is a corporation of the residents of its area and the governing body of a municipality is its Council. The Village of Port Alice Council is composed of a Mayor and four (4) Councillors who hold office for a four (4) year term. The Mayor is head of Council, and as noted in Section 116 of the Community Charter, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Village of Port Alice.

Council is a legislative (law-making) body with the responsibility for exercising virtually all legislative and administrative authority conveyed upon the Village of Port Alice by the Province through the Community Charter, the Local Government Act and other statutes. Together, the Mayor and Councillors are ultimately responsible for establishing the policies of the Village of Port Alice, for the carrying out of those policies, and for the general administration of civic business.

As well, Council members are appointed as liaison and committee members to various committees and local organizations.

If you wish to make a presentation to Council you may submit a Delegation Request Form. You can email Mayor and Council at

Council Meetings

Agenda packages are made available at 5:00 pm on Monday before the meeting. The following schedules of meetings of Council are provided for your information. Unless otherwise notified, all meetings are held in the Village of Port Alice Council Chambers, 1061 Marine Drive.

Please note that the meeting dates are subject to change. For further details please contact the Village Office.

Regular Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m., except on holidays.

July & August have only one Council Meeting. Contact the office for dates.

In order to appear before Council as a delegation at a Council Meeting, you need to submit a written request to the Corporate Officer by 4:30 pm on Thursday before the scheduled Council Meeting. The request can either be by way of a Delegation Request Form or a separate letter that you have written, which contains the information requested on this form. You can submit your request in person, by mail or by fax at 250-284-3416.

Municipal Office

1061 Marine Drive
8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday

The Municipal (Village) Office is where the Village’s corporate services are managed, and encompasses two key functions. The first is the overall management of the administrative operations of the municipality. The Chief Administrative Officer ensures that the policies and directives of Council are implemented and advise Council on the operations and affairs of the municipality.

Secondly, the Office oversees Council, as well as legislative services, bylaws, agreements, protocol, land acquisition, legal matters, records management and Freedom of Information requests. The Office is also responsible for the organization of Council’s agenda, keeping minutes of Council/Committee meetings, preparation of bylaws, the safekeeping of municipal records, and the provision of information to the public. In addition, the Village Office is responsible for:

  • Processing and coordinating all business relative to the Village of Port Alice Council
  • Carrying out statutory requirements in relation to the Community Charter
  • Providing information and directing inquiries to the appropriate departments
  • Providing advice with respect to Council procedures, policies, and functions
  • Coordinating and providing sufficient information to Council to support the
    Council decision-making process
  • Providing secretarial service to the majority of Council’s committees
  • Administering the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and
    processing requests to access records

For information on bylaws, Council agendas and minutes, or other Council-related or general issues please contact the Corporate Services department at or (250) 284-3391.

Public Works

Public Works is the department that provides the water you draw from the tap for your morning coffee or shower; the roads you drive or the bus you take; the parks and open spaces you enjoy with your family and friends. The Public Works crew works diligently to keep the community safe and beautiful, providing services that bring our community to life.

Port Alice Fire Department

The Port Alice Fire Department boasts a dedicated crew of volunteers who answer fire calls at any time day or night. Volunteers are the life-blood of the department, which is responsible for an area that includes residential, industrial and commercial buildings, as well as a large forested region.

Phone: (250) 284-6647
Fire Chief: Gerry Rose 

Emergency Services

Port Alice has taken steps to prepare the community in the event of an emergency. The Village office can provide you with information on how you and your family can prepare, and what to expect in Port Alice in case of an emergency.