Notice re Bear Issues in Town
This week marked the euthanization of a third and fourth bear in our community in the last month. There are people blaming the Conservation Office for this but the outcome lies 100% with our own community.
– Bins have not been latched giving easy access to the bears to access food.
– Garbage has been thrown over the gate at the transfer station after it has been closed for the day – even with 6 days of operating times, weekly pick up, and several bins available.
– Garbage bags have been placed in the parked garbage truck, not secured in any way, which puts several animals at risk of becoming habituated with such easy access.
There is lots of talk about becoming a bear smart community but that will only be successful if we, as a community, take responsibility for our own actions, and take some extra time to educate ourselves, neighbours, and visitors to the area. Laziness is the leading cause of death for these bears and regardless of what tools we use to collect the attractants, bears will continue to die if humans do not take responsibility for their actions.
The Conservation Office has informed us that citations are being written and they are holding the community accountable for the deaths of these animals.
It is important to take some time to learn how to secure your garbage correctly, take action to haze, or scare, bears away immediately when they come into the community, and report early so action can be taken before a bear has become habituated. Be careful not to believe everything you read and hear on social media as there is a lot of misinformation being shared. For correct information on how you can protect these beautiful animals please use the site provided.