Kayak Dock Float Update

The Village Office has received questions regarding the Kayak Dock damaged floats. This dock was graciously donated but unfortunately the floats are aged and did not hold up to the tide movement, creating cracks in several of them.

When the Village became aware of this issue, steps were taken immediately to order replacement floats, add legs to the dock to ensure the floats will no longer rub on the rocks, and to patch most of the cracks with a marine adhesive. Staff and volunteers have been working toward cleaning up the Styrofoam that came out of the damaged floats.

The float replacements have taken longer than expected due to supply issues. Staff have reached out to several additional sources in the hope of obtaining replacements sooner and have a spare ready in case an issue arises in the future. There is only one float that was not able to be temporarily patched but it has been covered to limit spillage. We hope that the replacements will be completed within the next week.

Village of Port Alice
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