The Village of Port Alice has completed updating the Official Community Plan!

Sit in the coffee shop. Wait for it. The binoculars beside your hand might be a give-away. And there it is. A spout. So quiet in the calm here that the sound ricochets around the steep coastal mountainsides. The humpback has made its return. In slow time across the inlet. It feels like you can reach out and touch it – nature’s way, where our lack of hubbub makes us something more. Our Port Alice. Rugged. Wild. Independent. Connected. A spirited place. The end of a road and a mill way of life, but the beginning of a bold new world we can imagine from our oceanfront inspiration. This is OUR Port Alice. This is OUR future.

As one of the most affordable and nature-inspired coastal living choices on Vancouver Island, Port Alice is calling to us as established residents and newcomers with its transition to
a new economy. Tourism, digital nomads, independent entrepreneurs, creators, Internet enterprise, industrial services, and craft manufacturing will be our beating. Enthusiastically pursuing active outdoor adventure lifestyle-living. Re-shaping our dynamic future in a lively mixed-use village core, affordability-driven housing innovation policy, protected ocean views and care and attention to natural features, and enhanced Marine Drive. Our vision is “Gently connected to the ocean and each other” in this place we call HOME.

Port Alice Official Community Plan 

Community Plan Maps
1 Basemap
2 Vacant Parcels
3 Land Use Designations
4 Transportation Network
5 Water System
6 Wastewater System
7 Stormwater System
8 Sand and Gravel
9 Development Permit Areas
10 Development Approval Information Areas