Port Alice is a gateway to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. With a boat or kayak, normally inaccessible regions, such as Brooks Peninsula, can be accessed. This is a vast, windswept sea-sprayed section of Vancouver Island’s northwest coast. The snout of Brooks Peninsula offers some protection from the winter storms that blow south from the Gulf of Alaska. Sea kayakers should beware the fury of the winds and surf that build around its protruding bulk. The rewards of making the journey are the solitude provided by the surroundings and the sight of magnificent stands of Sitka spruce, the only species of tree able to thrive under constant salt-and-magnesium-loaded spindrift that the winds whip from the tops of the swells and carry ashore in the breeze. Logging roads will take you to the deserted beaches of Side Bay, Gooding Cove, and Harvey Cove.

In the sheltering forest, marbled murrelets nest in the deep moss that enshrouds the thick branches of the spruce. Herds of Roosevelt elk graze in the lush, green understory, while black bears forage in the berry-laden bushes. If you are among the few visitors who make their way here each year, you will be treated to one of the last remaining environments on the west coast where logging has been held mercifully at bay. Brooks Peninsula / Muquin Provincial Park is huge, 127,528 acres of wilderness that is best explored with the help of a guide.

Side bay
Side Bay is located on Northwest Vancouver Island, north of Brooks Peninsula close to Lawn Point Provincial Park. It is accessible via logging road from Port Alice, approximate driving time 2 hours of logging road.

Gooding Cove
Gooding Cove is also located on Northwest Vancouver Island. This site is accessed by logging roads or by boat and is located near the mouth of Quatsino Sound. This site features pristine beaches and unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Port Alice Camping
Right in town, the Oceanfront Campground is across the street from the water and offers full RV hook-ups.

Lake Camping
Link River Municipal Campground campsite on Alice Lake is about a 20-minute drive from town, and features waterfront and woods sites, outhouses, a playground, dock, and boat launch.

Marble River Provincial Park – Marble River Provincial Park is located on northern Vancouver Island, at the juncture of Rupert Inlet, Holberg Inlet, Quatsino Sound and Neroutsos Inlet. The park is located approximately 15 km north of Port Alice and 35 km southwest of Port Hardy.
Located just off the paved highway, this well-maintained recreation site is easily accessible to campers or picnickers. Some sites are located on the Marble River with other sites sheltered in the trees. Newly cleared and cleaned-up from winter storm debris are 42 sites in the upper and lower site, which are maintained on a regular basis throughout the summer.

Spruce Bay Campsite –   A sunny open site on beautiful Victoria Lake adjacent to the Spruce Bay Old Growth Trail.

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