Mayor & Council

A municipality is a corporation of the residents of its area and the governing body of a municipality is its Council. Village of Port Alice Council is composed of a Mayor and four (4) Councillors who hold office for a four (4) year term. The Mayor is head of Council, and as noted in Section 116 of the Community Charter, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Village of Port Alice.

Council is a legislative (law-making) body with the responsibility for exercising virtually all legislative and administrative authority conveyed upon the Village of Port Alice by the Province through the Community Charter, the Local Government Act and other statutes. Together, the Mayor and Councillors are ultimately responsible for establishing the policies of the Village of Port Alice, for the carrying out of those policies, and for the general administration of civic business.

As well, Council members are appointed as liaison and committee members to various committees and local organizations.

If you wish to make a presentation to Council, you may submit a Delegation Request Form (see Important Links) or let Council know how you feel about an issue. You can email Mayor and Council at

Council Meetings

Agenda packages are made available by 4:30 pm on the Monday before the meeting.

Please note that the meeting dates are subject to change. For further details please contact the Village Office at 250-284-3391 or e-mail enquiries/written comments to

Regular Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m., except on holidays. There is only one meeting a month in July, August, and September.

In order to appear before Council as a delegation at a Council Meeting, you need to submit a written request to the Corporate Officer by 4:30 pm on the Thursday before the scheduled Council Meeting. The request can either be by way of a Delegation Request Form (see Important Links) or a separate letter that you have written which contains the information requested on this form. You can submit your request in person, by mail or by email at

If you would like to request a meeting with any elected officials, you can email the request to or call 250-284-3391.

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